21st century damsel in distress

Sometimes I love being a girl. I love it all the time, but sometimes more than usual.

So today rushing from one meeting to the next and didn’t have time to stop for petrol. Knowing that I was on red (and have been for the last day) this probably wasn’t my wisest decision, but justified by “I’m in a rush”.

So I make it to my first meeting. And back. I make it to my second meeting. And on my way to my next one I felt the power start failing. Cringe. That sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach where you just know your car is about to cut out on you and you have no control over it. I gently chugged along as far as I could until gracefully coming to a complete halt.

Luck be a lady 

Lady luck was in my corner as I fortuitously broke down right in front of the local Engen petrol station. Except I was on the wrong side of the road, and heels don’t make for a good petrol run across busy lanes of traffic.

But again, luck was on my side. It so happened that there was some road construction happening alongside the pavement where I broke down. After initiating my hazard lights and exiting my vehicle the construction boys who seemed to have been watching this madness of this crazy chick, who can barely see over the steering wheel break down right opposite a petrol station, came rushing over.

Assuming the role of damsel in distress they immediately took control. Hollering to one of the construction workers to bring over a funnel and can of petrol they instructed another to stand behind my car and wave a flag as a warning of caution to fellow, non-broken down motorists.

Glug glug glug 

So after a few glug glug glug’s I was up and running and back on four wheels.

I must just point out that had I been a man, I am 98% sure that they might have just continued busying themselves with digging holes on the side of the road. Maybe not, but I’d bet my socks on it! It’s not that I gave them any reason to want to help me more so than anyone else, I’m just saying that us girls can get away with murder if we play our cards right. Not quite homicide so to speak but you know what I mean.

An interesting interlude in the general mayhem that I call my life. I cannot express how grateful I am to those two construction guys – without whom I may not have made it to write this piece. Good on ya lads! I promise to pay this forward to the next person (damsel or gent) I see in distress and come to their rescue, as long as I don’t have to remove my heels.

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