A new name, the same great brand. Hello Tribakery!

What’s in a name? Well everything. For those of you how have become familiar and regularly frequent Tribeca Bakery will have noticed you favorite local coffee spot has gone and got itself a new name.

Yip – out with the old and in with the new. So Tribeca Bakery is no more and say hello to Tribakery! Cape Town slick and easy on the tongue. I like it. A lot.

The guys at Tribakery thought it was time to spruce things up, so along with a number of other changes and developments the brand is getting a facelift.

Keep an eye out as some exciting things are on the cards.  A little birdie told me Tribakery is going to be letting you in on some of their most sought after secrets as well as preparing to strut their stuff on the red carpet.

The only constant in life is change. Go with it.

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