A picture’s worth a thousand words

Any good writer needs to have a few dozen decent images of themselves. Well at least that was my excuse.

Having no recent professional pictures of myself, I used this as the perfect excuse to set up the first (hopefully of many) under5foot photo shoots.

The aim of the shoot was to encapsulate in pictures the person behind the scenes for those of you who are less familiar with what under5foot stands for.

La Elizabeth Warner jumped at the opportunity to show off her truly amazing photography skills and so under5foot and Lala Photography set off for a picturesque day of shooting.

A person’s a person no matter how small ~Dr Zeus

The pictures exceeded my expectations and would never have come out as beautifully as they did if it weren’t for the skill and creativity of Lala Photography. Mastering the technique of taking beautiful pictures is really an art.

Lights, camera, action!

Now it’s your turn. In keeping with the thought of sharing the love under5foot is giving away a half day tailor made photo-shoot with Lala Photography  to the fan with the best motivation as to why the deserve it!

Lala Photography will work with you and come up with a theme for your shoot.  She will then spend a morning shooting with you on a location of your choice. Obviously if you want to travel to Zanzibar you may need to pick up the travel costs. She’ll then give you all the pics on flash for you to keep, share and treasure!

To enter leave a comment here or on the under5foot Facebook page with your motivation and be sure to like Lala Photography on Facebook.

Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph” – Matt Hardy

Bon chance!

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  • Louise Alexander

    I love lala photography’s pics :) – inspirational, colourful, vibrant and fun!

    The last shoot taken in and around Cape Town was incredible – she chose some amazing places to shoot and the shots came out beautifully.

    If I won, I’d be so excited to have some amazing pics taken in and around cape town with some of my closest friends!

    Holding thumbs!!!

  • Megan Bernstein

    Congrats Lou! You’re a winner-wenna :-)Email me your deets so we can set things up megan@bcc.co.za

  • Tessa

    I absolutely love Lala pics! Looks fabulous

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