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Admire and celebrate the individuals that make under5foot possible!

  • Tania Perdikis
    Tania PerdikisCopywriter and contributor to under5foot

    I’ve just graduated from the Vega School of Brand Leadership with a degree in Brand Building and Management. I love creating healthy relationships for brands and their consumers. I also love sushi and I am a craft beer enthusiast. I want to travel the world and experiences as many adventures as possible.

  • Stefanie Slater
    Stefanie SlaterCommunity Manager

    Meet Stefanie…wife, mother and a social media addict. Editor for Chic Style Modern, and alway up for a chat. Looking for someone to manage your social media? She is your gal! (But ours first!) She is all about engaging and super excited to be working as the Community Manager for under5foot. Got  question? Shoot it her way. Muah!

  • Kimi Wolf
    Kimi WolfYoga and Wellness Editor

    Kimi Wolf is a certified yoga teacher with Orbit Yoga and is passionate about sharing the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of yoga with all beings. To this end, she has taught women just leaving prison, children in townships, and activists and young women in Uganda and Turkey. Kimi is also a lover of the mountains; pursuer of knowledge in tarot, astrology, and reiki healing; feminist activist; and co-founder and deputy executive director of Girl Up Initiative Uganda. Kimi is pursuing a MPhil at the University of Cape Town, focusing on young people’s experiences of sex(uality) peer education.

    • Saskia Bruinders
      Saskia BruindersFashion Editor

      Self-proclaimed word-symphonist, style purveyor and bibliophile. I blog about South Africa’s style mavens. I believe in the magic of heels, handbags and denim jeans. I cannot subsist without without music, coffee, my cats, writing and perfume. Never underestimate the seductive power of a good vocabulary. I pursue youth, beauty, freedom and love.

      • Lady Lippy
        Lady LippyEditor of Surviving Single

        So a little bit about me. I am pretty much your average Sue, or whatever the female equivalent of average Joe is. Perhaps slightly broader in the waist area, but working on it ;) I am perpetually single. I was very closed off to the whole dating thing for quite a while but decided to get back on the horse, so to speak, not literally, (horses scare me!!!!!!) and have been putting myself out there. You have to kiss some frogs before you meet your prince (or so I have been told) and, Honey, am I kissing them, Soooooo many frogs! All for your reading pleasure ;)

        • The Finster
          The FinsterEditor of Fluffing the Nest
          I’m a 40 plus metro sexual male with an innate attraction to painful females (a sadistic trait I still haven’t seemed to overcome). The content of this blog is about my experiences with these females over my many years of dating and relationships. I hope to convey what I have learned about the fairer sex to you. Some of it funny, some downright scary! Enjoy and don’t take things too seriously. It’s all an adventure after all!
          • Megan Bernstein
            Megan BernsteinFounder / Editor In Chief

            Not even 5 foot – Megan is bursting with energy, passion and drive. A ball of dynamite definitely not to be underestimated. A true generation Y baby and social butterfly she is immersed in all things digital and has a love for fashion, beauty, pooches and anything shiny.  Always on the look out for new opportunities the saying ‘Find a job that you love and you’ll never work another day in your life’ rings true.

          • Kate Maxwell
            Kate MaxwellEditor of Social Butterfly and Delicious Design

            Food, events and entertainment copywriter
            For as long as I can remember I have loved all things that fall under the umbrella of creativity. For me, there is no better feeling than the active involvement in a creative process. Food, wine, architecture, art, interior decorating, landscaping, graphic design (the list goes on)… I want it all. You’ll find me seeking out the latest foodie spot, pursuing the perfect café latte, and admiring all the pretty things along the way.
            I’m a passionate brand strategist, writer, and on occasion, a pretty mean cook!

            • Michael Parris
              Michael ParrisPhotographer and Videographer

              Apart from being a photographer I surf, I skate and I kite surf. That’s me in a nut shell and that’s all you need to know. I spend a lot of my time leaving my home in the Northern Suburbs to travel up and down the West Coast in search of waves and things to shoot. I spend plenty time out with friends and I’m always up for adventure and good time.

              • Tremayne West
                Tremayne WestEditor of Beauty By Trem

                Beauty editor and Makeup artist
                I’ve been in the hair and makeup industry for 5 years and have found my passion in beauty and editorial makeup. I find inspiration not in a picture, but in a person’s face. I have a passion for making people look beautiful, but mostly making them feel beautiful. I’m a down to earth unfussy party girl, that loves life, people and spontaneous experiences! Step in to my world, you’re bound to have a good time…

                • Alex Jordan
                  Alex JordanContributor to Fit Fine and Free and Pooch Central
                  Qualified health and skin care therapist. Been in the industry for 5 years.
                  I am passionate about helping people feel better about themselves and to look their best! My hobbies are my two French poodles- Phoebe and Lulu who I love to bits- as well as making sure I keep up to date with the latest fashion trends.


                  • Miss Sophie Cecilia
                    Miss Sophie CeciliaEditor-in-chief of Pooch Central

                    Sophie Cecilia – a silver toy French Poodle – is the founder and creative driver behind pooch central. A lady of leisure, she loves getting dressed up for special occasions and strutting her fabulous Dog’s Life style.  Her Hills diet keeps her slim and trim and always looking her best for those off-guard photo opportunities. With great admiration and love for her human Sophie has a soft gentle nature and brings a touch of french elegance and sophistication to the under5foot team.

                    • Kat O’Marley
                      Kat O’MarleyCommunity Manager
                      Lover of #tea, #Fashion, #ART #Dali. #Abstract. Lover of fashion and all things beautiful.
                      Model living in #CapeTown. Acclaimed #FOODIE. Community manager for @Under5foot_za
                      • Safiyah Seth
                        Safiyah SethInterior Designer and contributor of delicious design

                        Safiyah Seth is an interior designer who also takes a keen interest in graphic design. She’s very playful and loves story-telling in any medium. At Under5foot, she helps with putting together imagery and writes the occasional article too.

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