Are you one crayon short of a full box? Up your game with yuppie gadgets icrayon.

My latest fixation at the moment is my new iPad. Yes I have joined the club, abandoned my Microsoft roots and up upbringing on DOS behind me.

Now that I am an apple junkie I can see the attraction. The only thing is the lack of folders. Being brought up on windows, I’m a lover of files, and folders, and drop down menus.  So the whole touch screen thing and non- filing system (that seems to have its own system) is taking a little getting used to.

Yet, I am addicted and love my new iPad wholeheartedly. I’ve discovered a whole new world of apps and cool iPad accessories. The Accessories make it even cooler!

My latest find is the icrayon

One thing I’ve noticed since getting my iPad is that the screen gets dirty really quickly, which becomes problematic if I am in the middle of lunch or a snack and need to use my iPad simultaneously.

The icrayon takes the stickiness out of the situation, so instead of using my grubby little paws to touch, swish, slide and tap, my icrayon does the job for me. And it looks like a crayon. Which is super cool. People do tend to look at you funny when you first whip it out but when they catch on it’s a great conversation starter. True story.

Check out the icrayon on yuppie gadgets. They come in loads of cool colors, and make the perfect #geekgift

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