Celebrating wonkiness

Nothing in life is perfect. Everything and everyone has flaws – as much as we try to deny it. And to be honest – I kinda like it.

So if that’s the case, why not embrace the fact that there is some degree of difference (what many would see as a flaw) in everything and embrace it.

Society brainwashes us into think that everything needs to be ‘just so’. Cups go with saucers, dinner sets need to match and every pot has a specific lid.

But sometimes a mismatching lid works just fine, your knife and fork come from dinner sets yet you still enjoy your supper and when you’re invited to your eccentric or arty friend’s house for where each cup is a different colour and each plate mismatches you sit back and think to yourself- gees that’s pretty cool actually.

As an OCD-virgo-A-type-perfectionist that probably wouldn’t cut it for me (I’d probably have some minor form of a stroke) but I do like individuality in the pieces I chose (with great care I might add) for my home.

Be a little wonki 

That’s why I really love Wonki Ware. Every piece is locally made with a range of beautiful ceramic dishes, plates, bowls and serve ware. The brand has a slight quirkiness about it where each piece is different and has a slight ‘wonkiness’ to it.

Why should all platters be the same? A little quirkiness adds to the character. Well that’s my opinion.

So to celebrate a very special birthday – no not Madiba, although it is also very special one indeed – but Jamie, the most special man in my life.

So to celebrate this special man’s birthday, as tradition I made him a cake.

I pride myself on being a fairly good cook but my baking skills have a little way to go still. Yet I persevere every year and I like to think that each year my cakes get a little better. Yet they generally come out a little wonki to say the least.

So in celebration of Jamie’s 29th birthday we’ll be celebrating with a wonky cake on a wonky platter. Thanks to Yuppiechef!

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