Do you need IT support but don’t know where to start?

From my experience choosing the IT Company to do business can be quite a task. I always worry if the price is too low whether the goods are dodgy and whether I’m really getting what I’m paying for. On the other, if there prices are too high I question why they’re so high and whether I am getting ripped off.

So the trick I suppose is finding someone who can get you great deals (value for money) but who you can also trust. Not a simple task but I might have a solution.

Trust the skeptic, and the experts  

Admittedly there is a bit of nepotism at play here, but I wouldn’t endorse someone if I didn’t believe them to be of high enough caliber. Family or not.

On that note I’d like to introduce BCC – Bernstein Computer Consultant, one of Cape Town’s best kept geeky secrets.

Well established as they have been going since 1980, their roots lie in the mainframe, bureau era where they have done work for big corporate clients such  as Syfrets Managed Assets, Cape Provincial Administration, KWV, and Metropolitan amongst others.

On the other end of the spectrum they do a fair amount of business across the pond and have numerous SOHO clients together with select private individuals.

Small fish are fish too

BCC isn’t just about the big guys. They also run the IT support for a number of Small Businesses; ranging from a couple of desk tops, to multiple branche with head office with over 30 employees.

How BCC works in the SME environment is that they are able to provide a valuable service, at a fraction of the cost. Many SME’s cannot justify a full time IT administrator and their requirements are generally beyond the training of a non IT specialist. I.e. having a bargain basket IT guy, or the PA, isn’t going to cut it, and they might not be able to afford a full time expert.

Enter BCC

This is where BCC comes in. When a situation arises BCC will be available on site to sort out the problem, or, where possible, via remote log in (which again saves you money). So you can get your IT problems sorted out in a jiffy without having to pay an extra employees pension fund and worry about setting up a desk for him.

BCC will use remote access to ensure that the servers are operating correctly, and act accordingly when they don’t.  This provides professional support which you only pay for when you need.

Think of it as “Pay as you go IT” for when your computer or IT system decides to crash. Check out more here or get in touch with Rob directly.

A fully endorsed under5foot company. Terms and conditions do not apply. Each service sold separately. Batteries not included.

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