E-commerce taking flight in SA, Zando leading the way

It always astounds me how something that was nothing, overnight becomes the next big thing, and the talk about town. Justin Bieber did it. Pinterest did it. And recently Zando did it.

As the biggest retail online fashion store in South Africa it’s not doubt that Zando is going to bring a new dimension to the E-Commerce industry here in SA. Boasting over 200 brands and its huge ad budget it, there’s no question that Zando is not a brand to be taken lightly.

No publicity is bad publicity

What really boggles me is that nearly every site I go onto these days some sort of Zando advertising or promotion. Under5foot included.

The amount of budget they must be investing into the launch in incredible, and seems to be paying off, as the brand is literally, everywhere.

Don’t get left behind, be part of the e-commerce revolution

On Tuesday 8 May at the Zando media launch MD and co-founder Eugen Petersen presented Zando to an elite group of movers and shakers.

According to Cape Town Buzz he explained how trends and technology go hand in hand and how in this day and age, everything moves at a flying pace.

The human race doesn’t want to wait. We want things faster and faster, which is why; if your company is not online and keeping with the trends in world E-Commerce, your product will suffer and you will be left behind.


Times are changing

One thing I must admit I’ll miss from regular shopping has to be the touchy feely bit, but things I definitely WON’T miss are the long queues, incompetent tellers and card machines that don’t work.

That is something I believe to hold so true for the next wave of digital marketing and agree that e-commerce can expect a massive boom in the coming months.

Retailers in South Africa need to release that this is the way the industry is going, and the way consumers today want to shop. So yes, your product may have high emotional involvement levels, but then perhaps you need to look at your content strategy and how you’re engaging consumers in the digital space.

In the new world of work there’s no waiting around. Get with it and get in it.

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