For Pits sake! Raising arms, not eyebrows!

So as you may have gathered weird smells are not my cup of tea. Sadly one can’t always remain the comfort of our serine fresh as a daisy smelling environments or workspaces (if you’re using a USB scent flower!)

Often it’s that guy sitting next to you, or the lady behind the till, your work colleague or even a friend, that no matter where they go are followed around by a pungent aroma.

Often we are too polite to tell someone “Hey buddy, maybe whack on some deodorant” or “Girl! The French invented perfume for a reason!”.

So instead of lighting incense at your desk and hoping your offensive colleague doesn’t stop by for a chat, a natural beauty company has a nicer way to tell people off for their smelliness.

Send them a Deodorgram

A natural beauty product company – G.B Proudfoot –  based in Arizona has developed a line of deodorant  (tested on rugby player, so they’re pretty sure it works) called “For Pit’s Sake!”

“Our mission has been simple,” says Cameron Proudfoot, Founder of G.B. Proudfoot’s. “We wanted to create a natural deodorant that didn’t just work, but worked better than the frequently used synthetic brands. There really is no need to turn to chemical-based products, which can be a hazard to our health. Our For Pits’ Sake is the ideal formula to keep people smelling fresh all day.”

Thanks to G.B. Proudfoot’s, more and more skipped showers are going unnoticed. Available in Lavender, Lime and Clove, Citrus, or Unscented, For Pits’ Sake is a scent suitable for everyone.

So if you have a stinky coworker friend, or member of your family that you just can’t pluck up the courage to confront about their odor problem, you can send them a stick of For Pit’s Sake with a cute little message.

Maybe something along the lines of:

“You’ve always been such a cute little stinker, now you can just be cute and little! Please enjoy this hard working natural deodorant sent to you from a caring friend.”

Setting their sights high  For Pits’ Sake aims to redefine the armpit, as we know it, just like dove’s been trying to do for years making out that the sexiest part of a woman’s body is her armpit. Yeah go figure.

Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure this cute little brand will get loads of people, up in arms. In a good way.

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