Geeks like to fly too

As a child I didn’t travel much, in fact, I didn’t at travel at all. The first time I stepped foot on an airplane I was 17, Zurich bound. I may be small, but I don’t do anything in small doses.

So that said, it’s no surprise that I’m one of those people who loves travelling granted I don’t do it all that often, but it seems that the jet setter life is to my liking. Since joining the DigitLab team I have been lucky enough to fly between offices a number of times, fitting the profile to a tee.

Most people don’t enjoy flying – generally because they complain about the lack of leg room.

I think one of the reasons I like flying so much is that for me every class feels like first.  Sure it does get a little cramped, and uncomfortable, when that oversized Aunty is seated right next to you and wants to strike up a conversation. But that’s when I fake sleep mode, curled up in my chair.

The thing about flying means that you are going somewhere, to see someone. I think that’s the most exciting thing about it. Everything we do is about people and it’s the people that make any business possible. Big wigs out there take note!

As my last trip drew to a close I released this even more. After two days of intense strategy and team building sessions, I left refocused, connected and more fired up and ready to go than ever. It was also the first time I had actually seen everybody since. Go figure.

In flight lol’ing

Besides looking forward to the people and places one is going to see, the magazines they give you to read on board are also pretty cool.  This advert from the Cape Times had me lol’ing for real #GeekSpeak

sunday times mango airline

 Wi-Fi up high! The new mile high club?

Being a social media geek I was super impressed when I learnt that Mango is the first airline to offer Wi-Fi up high. Giving a whole new meaning to the term #cloudcomputing.

So en route to the team in Durban not only did I catch up on work, and inflight giggles but I managed to keep my social media profiles updated from 30 000 feet. Dig it!  Literally.

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