How do you like the new Lindt Flavors? Under5foot got the scoop first hand!

One of the things the ladies and I like to do each month is get together for a little something we  like to call dinner club. Every month it’s a different ladies turn to host the dinner where they come up with the menu.

 This month it was my turn to host dinner club and I decided to give it a little spice. Knowing that a sure way to a girl’s heart is chocolate, I thought to do desert a little differently.

Always keeping the best for last we started off with snacks and dips, following by a delicious spread of roast beef, roast veggies and salad, and of course Lindt Chocolate for desert!

By the time it got to desert it was time to unbutton the top jeans button, because no matter how full, none of the girls were willing to pass on desert. Not in this dinner club!

The girls were in for a real chocolate indulgence as they were treated to not one, but three brand new Lindt Chocolate flavors. Lindt chocolate truffles are always a hit so just for fun I threw some of those into the mix as well.

Eager to dig in we started off, one flavor at a time. First up was Lindt Chocolate Wasabi. Personally this isn’t my favorite flavor, but to my surprise many of the girls loved it! The conversation was hearted to say the least as those for, and against butted heads in discussion of the new flavor.

“It’s so much excitement in my mouth right now”was one way Safiyah described the Wasabi.

Whereas Tess was struggling to deal with the aftertaste “It really cleared up my sinuses though” she said with a giggle.

Moving onto Coconut Intense – it scored higher than the Wasabi for the majority of ladies, but sparked a heated discussion.

If it had been in milk chocolate it would have been so much better” said Ashley and Casey, strong advocates for milk chocolate.


This was met by Tarryn and Safiyah’s counter argument “But then it would be too sweet – the bitterness of the dark chocolate compliments the sweetness of the coconut.”

I like the texture of the coconut” said Micarle “But I’m not a fan of dark chocolate. It would have been better in milk”

Lastly, A touch of Vanilla was up, and it was a clear favorite. There wasn’t that much talking whilst this flavor was being tasted.

“My only comment is that it tastes very much like regular white chocolate, but I like it!” said Sam. “I love the aftertaste”

Once we were finished tasting the three new flavors the Lindt Chocolate Truffles were open targets. A the mere mention of “Guys help yourself to the Lindt truffles, take some home if you like” it was lucky I was sitting on the opposite end of the table else I might have been fearing for my life!

Like a pack of vulchers (and I love all the girls dearly, but it was extremely vulcher like) the platter, was once abundant in Lindt Chocolate truffles, was wiped clean in a matter of seconds.

Overall a fantastic evening! Amazing friends, delicious food and Lindt chocolate. Who could ask for anything better!

Check out the full Lindt Excellence range! Flavours you hadn’t event imagined! 

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  • Paula

    The DL office tasting of the Lindt Wasabi was a resounding no. Chilli in chocolate we could do, but wasabi was just a stretch too far…

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