It’s WED! Eat for the earth and show your support

Today is WED (and yes I know it’s Tuesday). WED stands for World Environment Day – an annual event with the aim at being the biggest and most widely celebrated global day for positive environmental action.

World Environment Day activities take place all year round but climax on 5 June every year, involving everyone from everywhere. And now on under5foot too.

The celebration of our beautiful plant began in 1972 and since then has grown to become one of the main platforms used by the UN to stimulate worldwide awareness of the environment encouraging political attention and action.

Eat for the earth

One way which we’re celebrating World Environment Day 2012 is by hosting a dinner for Eat for the Earth, an awesome Yuppiechef initiative who are partnering with Soil for Life.

All over South Africa today family, friend’s colleagues and possibly strangers will be gathering to share a meal in support of the Earth.

Under5foot loves this idea and didn’t need telling twice to get involved. With the aim to get as many people, brands and local businesses involved under5foot put feelers out to rally the troops for Eat for the Earth 2012.

Come to the party

It’s no surprise that a number of under5foot’s partners eagerly jumped onboard! Wellness Warehouse and Tribeca bakery have generously sponsored  food and niceties for the dinner and friends and family of under5foot will be attending in force to show their love and support.

LaLa Photography will be there this evening to capture the event and make the rest of you who couldn’t make extremely jealous by showing you what you are missing out on.

Finally a big thank you needs to go to my Mom who has been instrumental in helping me pulling everything together. I will take credit for the cooking, but I can’t take credit for the baking and the decorating..  you’ll have to wait with baited breath till tonight to see what feast of splendor we’ve got install for you!  Let’s just say that between Wellness Warehouse and my mom you’re in for a treat!

For a good cause

But festivities a side, we need to remember the reason for celebrating this evening. World Environment Day is also a day for people from all walks of life to come together to ensure a cleaner, greener and brighter outlook for themselves and future generations.

Everyone counts in this initiative and World Environment Day relies on you to make this happen!

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