Photography conference hangout on Google+

When you think of hanging out you generally think of going to a movie, chilling at home or watching a rugby match. Right?

Not anymore. For the street geeks you’ll know that Google+ is the latest place to hangout. As the platform is barely a year old I’m quite impressed with its new functionality. No longer is “Hanging out” something to only do in the real world.

A lot has happened over the last year and Google is launching this platform by hosting the first-ever Google+ conference in San Francisco this week for photographers.


Over the next two days Google will be hosting a hangout for photographers, and no it’s not anything to do with Instagram or the like. They’ve dubbed it “HIRL” aka “Hang Out in Real Life,” with the aim to bring some of the biggest photographers (with profiles on Google+ – obviously!) together.

The idea behind the conference is help photographers share their skills and knowledge amongst their peers as well as add various skills sets to their own repertoire of tricks. Most importantly though, the conference will allow photographers to grow their brand and expose themselves to a new network on the social network.

 According to Mashable: “We are photographers ourselves,” Bradley Horowitz, VP of product at Google, said during the opening keynote for the conference Tuesday. “We are geeks. Photography geeks are a sublayer of geek, and there are a lot of us on the Google+ team”

Although still trailing behind face book, Google+ scores high in the eyes of this sub-geek-layer, particularly due to the way it manages and displays content.

 “Photos are the lifeblood of our service,” says Horowitz. “We wanted to make the content the hero.”

How does Google+ win votes?

The reason why this appeals to photographers is that they are able to select and alter which circles, or groups of people they wish to share specific images with. So it allows better targeting and more precise content creation.

Exceeding boundaries

So if you have a love and passion for photography but are a little way across the pond, you can still be part of the Google+ hangout. Well virtually that is.

Google is opening the hangout up to the glob by allowing you to join by signing up via the Google+ Photographers conference app. This VIP pass allows you to ask questions and participate just as if you were there in the flesh. Google really does seem to be on the right track to global domination!

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