Planting the seed. A how to guide for the gardeningly challenged.

I’m a girl with many talents, sadly, gardening isn’t one of them. My fingers are much closer to a shade of pink than they are green, but I do still love the wonders of nature and do make, although pitiful, an attempt at tending the garden.

I have been known to kill a cactus, numerous pot plants and herbs, yet luckily for me Jamie seems to be the one with an eye for the garden and so has relinquished me from gardening duties and suggest I stick to the kitchen.

I am no longer allowed to ‘get involved’ with the plants.

Gardening for dummiesseed pod

When it comes to gardening I need all the help I can get. I’m always so paranoid that if Jamie goes away and I’m left with the plants he’ll come back to a morgue. That has happened.

And so, that I mind I was extremely excited to come across seed pod which is literally gardening for dummies.

We already have a flourishing herb garden – and by garden I mean array of pots as we live in an apartment. Needless to say I can’t take any credit for them; they’re all Jamies doing, but now is my chance to add to the clan.

Seed pod – just add water

Seed pod is an awesome innovation for growing herbs and plants, right from the box. So if like me and you live in a flat, you don’t need to worry about not having a garden (or some unfortunate souls who don’t even have a balcony). You can grow fresh herbs right in your kitchen.

It comes in an easy to grow kit complete with seeds, growing medium, gravel and instructions ( the best part) – so you really have to be seriously bad with plants to kill these eons. Let me not speak too soon though.

But it really is that easy. You literally just have to add water. And the instructions tell you how much so you can’t even use my favorite excuse of “I just love them too much and water them too often”.

Lets see if I can get my mint to be as fruitful as Jamie’s equivalents and then we’ll see how green my fingers are! Yes, seed pods might be a slight cheat to the traditional methods, but no one has to know, really.

seed pod gardening yuppie gadgets

You can get your own Seed Pod and get your indoor herb garden growing by checking out the range on Yuppie Gadgets. They make awesome gifts and won’t break the bank. So there really isn’t an excuse to buy herbs from now on – grow your own!

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