Pump up the heat this winter with Power Training

As the weather gets colder the gyms get emptier. It seems that winter has a nasty way of making us want to cuddle up in bed in fleecy layers and electric blankets. Never mind sweating it out in the gym. Often the attitude is “Oh well its winter, don’t need to keep in shape’.

Is that really true? Perhaps a little short sighted. For me that kind of thinking is the short term approach. I’m all about long term and forward thinking.

Think long term

So if you slack off during winter doesn’t it just mean comes summer you’re going to have to work doubly hard to get back to where you were, despite probably feeling quite demotivated about the fact that you ‘Let yourself go’ in the first place? Possibly.

Just from personal experience I can see how quickly my fitness levels drop just by missing one week of training. Now imagine going into hibernation all winter. One flight of stairs will see like Everest. And running a marathon? Psssh! What marathon?

The buddy systempower training winter workout

These are the kind of things to think about before slacking off and taking the easy road, home, and not to the gym. Personally I find a work out buddy as a good form if motivation. If you know someone is expecting you to show up it’s a little trickier to just bail out at the last minute.

Meet Keith Power – Power Training

Fortunately for you gym buddies aren’t too far away, and also come in the form of Keith Power. Keith is a personal trainer but he has a great way of making you feel right at home and just like one of his mates. There’s no screaming or overly pushy demands during his workout sessions, although he will give you a slight nudge if he can see you are slacking. Which is always followed by some sort of joke and his token chuckle.  You can check out his training style and what you can expect here.


Generally when one thinks of a personal trainer you immediately see dollar signs flashing before your eye, and imagining your bank balance diminishing. I[m happy to report that Power training isn’t going to bankrupt you. You can train alone (so just you and Keith) or if you work better in teams, grab a friend and train together – it’s up to you. If it’s just you and Keith you’re in for R180 per class, and if you’re doubling up R240 per class (R120 each)

It’s your lucky day

Because under5foot is awesome like that, we’ve managed to wangle a deal with Power training for the month of June. If you sign up for a one on one class you’ll pay a mere R150 per class, and if it’s a threesome (you, your buddy and Keith… in the gym of course) R200 per class.

As a bargain hunter myself, you can’t get a better deal than that!

But wait, there’s more…

As a lover of giveaway, under5foot thought one was defiantly in order, to help get you motivated.

Power training is giving away 2 months of person training (2 session a week) to a lucky under5foot reader.

How to enter

  1. Head of over to Power Training’s Facebook page and LIKE it
  2. In the comments below post one of your work out goals that you want Power Training to help you achieve over the cold wintery months.

The competition will run until 15 June and the winner will be announced on Monday 18 June.

So stop procrastinating and take action. You might just surprise yourself!

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Showing 5 comments
  • Daniella Visser

    I would love to just get fit and toned again! been one too many winters of hibernation for me.

  • Jamie Lee Rossiter

    I have workout clothes & sweat bands
    Even a “get-fit” coffee cup!
    But the scale hasn’t budged an inch
    I’m on the verge of giving up!

    But then I saw a chance to win
    To leave the winter rut.
    It’s time to get back to the gym
    And tone up this girls’ butt!

    Courtesy of Under5foot
    I have the chance to set it straight.
    Washboard abs & buns of steel,
    I can hardly wait.

  • Amy Leibbrandt

    I want to make sure I do not let the guilty pleasure of winter (hot choc, rich pastas, red wine) take over all the hard work I try to put in over the summer months…just so tough to get motivated in this cold! :)

  • Simone

    Help me crawl out form under the covers & get fit!

  • Bronwyn

    I’d really like to get some help to kick-start my “get fit” regime! Keith sounds awesome – I know I will love working with him :)

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