Smelly Cat Smelly Cat, where is my USB Scent Flower?

Phoebe’s rendition of Smelly Cat holds true. There is always that one smelly kid. The majority of us work, or have worked, in an office environment or even if you think back to school days – where there are certain people who chose to eat very stinky, or odd smelling food, and end up smelling as such.

In junior school there was always that one girl that smelt of oranges, or naatjies – all the time. In ballet there was a girl who smelt like carrots (weird). When I went to varsity there were people who needed to be introduced to deodorant, and when I started work, people bringing extremely scary smelling things for lunch which made me utterly petrified of using the staff microwave for fear of contamination.

Just like family, unfortunately colleagues aren’t people we can chose, nor do we have a say about their weird food choices that infiltrate our serene smelling work space.

So if like me you have a sensitive nose and don’t like other people’s weird smells in your space, this is something for you. USB Scent flower. Like a regular USB simply plug into your computer, drop in one of the included aroma refills and voila – the stench of someone else’s previous night’s chicken curry is no more! An instant breath of fresh air , right from your computer.

Check out the clip!

Because I know the pain of having to put up with other people’s stinky food or lack of personal hygiene, I’ll be putting one lucky under5foot fan out of their misery. Share your smelliest story and you could be the proud new owner of a USB Scent flower, courtesy of Yuppie Gadgets!
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Competition closes Friday 3 August, winners will be announced on Facebook and Twitter.
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  • Cathy Badenhorst

    Hahaha…great comp as who does not have stories to tell! One Monday morning at the office when an IT tech came to fix my PC, I could literally smell him coming from down the corridor. This guys was well known for partying it up over the entire weekend over-indulging in his fav drink of Rum. Out of 10 IT guys they would have to send this guy to my office. Well needless to say I knew this was going to be horrendous for the next 40 mins or so. Between trying not to gag and trying to listen to what he was saying about the software problem on my PC and how to get it to run properly, I could smell this other offensive smell over the rum odour…..I mean really bad that it was actually masking the rum odour somewhat. After what seemed forever, the PC problem was resolved and he eventually left my office without taking the odour with him. I immediately got out some airfreshener and liberally sprayed down the office. I could still smell this really offensive smell 30 mins later and it was right there at my desk. After moving the chair out of the way I discovered these 2 big puddles of dog faeces mushed into the carpet!!!! I literally bolted from my office to get to in tie to hurl my guts out. Needless to say the office cleaner was called to my office to clean and disinfect ASAP but, for the rest of the day I swiftly temporarily relocated to another spare office to work.

    • Megan Bernstein

      Gees, that sounds awful! Definitely a time where USB Scent flower would have come in handy!

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