Snuggle up with Wellness this winter

Getting unexpected deliveries is always exciting. It’s even more exciting when it comes in a big pink Wellness Warehouse bag. I was a very lucky girl this week when I opened my surprise delivery to find a fabulous selection of Wellness treats, each one ecofriendly yet indulgent. The perfect remedy for this wintery weather!


1&2. Handmade earth friendly Soap: What I love about these soaps is that they are made from 100% natural ingredients and possess no artificial colorants or fragrances. As someone with more allergies than I can count and having very sensitive skin the Wellness soap range is perfect. Good for you and the environment the natural ingredients give off a beautiful smell and when I jump out the shower my skin feels refreshed without that itchy dry feeling regular soap tends to leave.

3.  Lavender & Patchouli hand cream: No handbag is complete without a fabulous hand cream. Enriched with organic Aloe Vera & Shea Butter it’s the perfect treatment for dry wintery hands. The scent is soft and subtle so not too overpowering for regular everyday use.

4. Rose Geranium soy candle: This is my favorite. Besides the beautiful scent the candle gives off, the wax is made from Soy which not only allows it to burn longer but has a duel function in that the melted wax can be used as a moisturizer by massaging the wax into your skin. True story! Pretty and practical.

5&6. Organic Rooibos Tea: Nothing beats a steaming cup of tea. Besides being comforting and delicious, the health benefits are incredible and each teabag is made with a conscious.  Each ingredient is ethically sourced but being 100% caffeine free means it’s the perfect hot drink before bed time.

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