Social Media day #smday. Yes it’s a real day!

If anything is worth celebrating, or taking the day off for, its definitely Social Media Day. This Saturday, 30 June marks the day around the world where digital enthusiasts, big and small, young and old, will hold get together across the world to celebrate the one most unifying symbol of us all in our modern day society. The mastermind behind the 6 degrees of separation (because yes we are all connected). Social media.

If we can have Africa day, surely we can have social media day?

Brace yourself – Mashable has reportedly been organizing this for months so if social media is not your thing stay in your cage on Saturday. Prepare yourself for Foursquare scavenger hunts, Google+ hangouts, poking (wait – didn’t Facebook remove that then bring it back then remove that again? #Can’tKeepUp) and of course obscene amounts of tweeting. #smday. Yes it will be trending.

Whether you’re an Instagram hipster, compulsive tweeter or Pinterest Queen 30 of June is not just a day to over indulge in an indecent amount of digital content, but also a day to recognize, and give thanks, to the revolution that has change the world. Forever.

On a serious note, hundreds of meet-ups have been scheduled worldwide, and as a professional in this field, it’s a great networking opportunity, besides a great opportunity to chat with like-minded social media addicts all over the world.

So wear your Thumbs Up Cufflinks with pride, and tell us how you plan to celebrate #smday

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