#SpeakSocial 2012 – Social Media Bootcamp, Cape Town

Your social media skills need a little brushing up? Or you need to justify the need (and purpose) of social media to your boss? #SpeakSocial is for you!

Social media is one of the primary reasons people spend time on the web. Even in an emerging market country like South Africa, 91% of all people have an active Facebook account which they visit at least twice a day. #TrueStory

It’s true! Here are the facts, and stats

  • South African Facebook and Twitter users number 4.9 million and 1.1 million respectively – and that number is growing.
  • LinkedIn membership in South Africa has grown 45% from 2011 to 2012, standing at 1.6 million users.
  • 8.5 million South Africans access online platforms and this is predicted to grow by 25% to 11 million by the end of 2012.

In a little over your head? Learn the lingo

SpeakSocial Social Media Bootcamp

Trust the experts. You don’t go to a dentist when your car breaks down, or the doctor when your geyser bursts do you? So why take the same approach in business. Especially online business.

Social media is constantly on the move, just like today’s consumer, and between your hectic work and social life keeping up with all the trends can be tricky.

As social media has changed the way to communicate, work and live (forever) its no longer an option to remain in the dark. And even if you are pretty clued up, there is probably a whole new level you never knew existed

Understanding the bigger picture will help you choose the right platforms, relevant social networks or social media strategies to help you, and your boss, achieve online results.

What you can expect to learn about at #SpeakSocial

  • The World of Digital Channels: Understanding the different networks and the role they play in Digital Marketing Strategies. These channels include: Social Media, Google, Mobile and Tablet, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Advertising, and more.
  • Voices that matter: To have a successful campaign or strategy, a business needs to understand how people connect, how they search, how their network influences them, how they influence others, and how they distribute valuable information.
  • The Inbound Effect: Understanding the importance of designing and implementing a social business strategy to maximise impact.
  • The Art of Customer Engagement: Understanding Return On Engagement (ROE) and the importance of content integrated strategies to build and maintain online relationships.
  • ROI: Answering the question of Return on Investment – “How will Social Engagement positively impact my business?

And the outcomes..

You can expect to have better understanding and insight into:

  • Digital Marketing
  • How the Internet works
  • What Digital Channels are
  • Why your community is important
  • How to have a strategic approach
  • Why a Content Strategy is an important element of Digital Strategy
  • Tools to measure success and gain valuable information for your brand/business.

Social media bootcamp #SpeakSocial

Because we like to do things in groups, we’re offering a 10% discount for bookings of 5 or more. So rally up your colleagues and we hope to see you on 6 September!

Book now!

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