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A Cape Town institution - Kitima is one of Cape Town's finest restaurants

What a night at Kitima!

For those of you who have read ‘The Most Awkward Breakup Ever‘ you’ll understand the context of this story. If you haven’t read that piece, I suggest you do so here. Kitima is one of the highest ranking restaurants in Cape Town and when I managed to secure our table I was so excited to be dining there […]

society bistro

Societi Bistro is a treat for city slickers

One a night in Cape Town where the wind isn’t blowing and the air is warm, nothing beats a night under the stars enjoying the delights of one of the cutest bistro’s on the block. 


Pure Good-ness

MasterChef contestant Shannon Smuts’ quirkiness is evident throughout the charming eatery with an eclectic mix of photography, inspirational artefacts and fun earthy colours. It is a delightful way to spend your lunch hour in Cape Town CBD. Pure Good is pure joy. The inexpensive menu offers a variety of hale and hearty salads, sandwiches and […]