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My Yoga Story

Lots of people always ask me how long I’ve been doing yoga, how I got into it yadda yadda. So in light of the #French5Yoga challenge coming to an end I’ve decided to spill the beans!


WIN the #French5Yoga Experience

With only 5 days left of our 30 day yoga challenge we are so excited to announce our #French5Yoga competition! 

making time for yoga is so important - see how under5foot got back on the yoga band wagon

Don’t be scared of yoga

The more I have been speaking to people around the #French5Yoga challenge I am doing with Stevie French the more I realize that a lot of people are actually scared of yoga.

The #French5 yoga challenge is well on it's way - check out our progress so far!

A #French5Yoga Update

After an amazing week and a half Under5foot and I are going full steam ahead with their 30 day yoga challenge. Watch the video above to see why a 30 day challenge and how we’re are making it through Light, love and peace <3 To check out Zen Hot Yoga click here or and for more on […]

join the yoga revolution and the #French5Yoga #30Day challenge - a kickstart to changing your life and rejuvenate the body and soul.


Yoga has always been one of under5foots passion’s so partnering with Stevie French to launch our first campaign together as part of the #30Day #YogaChallenge we’ve dubbed it #French5Yoga.  The #French5Yoga #30Day #YogaChallenge is just the start of many collaborations that under5foot and Stevie French will be embarking on. Look out for more on #French5 on under5foot that […]

HotPod Yoga celebrates women this August! Snap a pic and share your wisdom!

Girlie Yogis

August is about celebrating Woman, and so what better way to celebrate your body by getting some good old sweat time in – for you and your soul! 

under5foot is offing you 20% off all Hot Pod Yoga classes for the month of August! #GetInThePod

under5foot wants you to #GetInThePod

#GetInThePod – it’s as simple as that! under5foot is offering you 20% off Hot Pod Yoga for the month of August!  Simply use the code  UNDER5FOOT815 and get 20% off ALL Hot Pod Yoga classes and passes Valid  till 31 August


Friendly HotPod Yogis!

Thursday is International Day of Friendship and so we’re teaming up to HotPod Yoga to celebrate new, old and soon to be friends!

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Hot Pod Yoga – The new craze taking Jozi by storm

under5foot loves alternative exercise and one of our favs is yoga! Because we know that you’re always on the go, it’s often tricky to squeeze in time for exercise. So our mission is to bring exercise to you to make sure you get your daily dose of endorphins!