The quest for the perfect masher

Something I love doing online is looking at pretty things. And pretty things that I want. Nay, need.

So last week when I wanted to make mash potatoes, I needed a potato masher. Alas, the cupboard was bear. So having spent the last few days looking through the likes of Pick n Pay, Woolies, @Home etc I had yet to find one.

Online is pretty much always better 

And when the real world doesn’t come to the party, you can be sure the digital one will. So I went online.  The great thing about the internet is that you can find literally anything you want. The bad thing is that time begins to disintegrate and before you know if you’ve lost the last 3 hours of your life, pinning, sharing and tweeting all kinds of fabulous things you just can’t live without.

So the quest for my potato masher finally peaked when I came across the latest from Chef’n – The Chef’n FreshForce Potato Masher.

The masher of pro’s 

This is no ordinary masher. The device (yes I am referring to it as a device) has a triangular shape and is covered in silicone.  Its spiral design provides a awesome way to really smash the living daylights out of your potatoes but not having to worry about it spewing everywhere. What it does is trap the potato beneath the spiral triangular dome as the flat sides scrape the sides of the dish.

Another bonus feature is that The Chef’n FreshForce Potato Masher is totally heat resistant up to 300°C, so you can smash away straight in the hot pot. No mess no fuss.  Oh and its dish washer safe, if unlike me you have a machine to do this mundane chore for you. In my case, if it’s strong and sturdy it’s most likely safe from the dish washer.

And so the moment of truth… voila! 

yuppie chef potatoe masher

If you, like me, have come to the realization that potato mashing will never be the same again and you’re desperate to add a little Chef’n to your kitchen you can find it all on Yuppiechef.

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