We all drink tea from a yellow submarine!

Some products are made with purpose, some for fun. In the case of TeaSub it’s both.

Tea time is generally associated with chilling out, kicking back and relaxing or even just that 5 minutes breather in amongst a crazy day.  Most of the time shared amongst friends or a little daily indulgence in ‘me time’.  So why not have a little fun with it.

I was sent the cutest yellow TeaSub from Yuppie Gadgets which quite honestly is the most fun I’ve had at tea time for ages.

teasub tea time yuppie gadgets

If you’re into the whole holistic thing and like to use real tea leaves then the little yellow TeaSub is a great addition to tea time as it opens up making room for your tea leaves. Then submerge your vessel into your cup and leave it there to linger a little, creating the perfect infusion of your favourite brew.

Don’t worry about nasty chemicals or the stress of how you’re going to clean your sub. It’s made of silicone and is completely dishwasher safe. Above all, it’s super cute.  Great for tea time fun or a fabulous quirky gift. Check it out on Yuppie Gadgets!

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