What the fork?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO! It’s a Telescopic … fork?

What I love about Yuppie Gadgets is that they manage to find the most interesting and often bizarre things imaginable. I mean who comes up with some of these ideas? Nevertheless they are pretty awesome and make  great party tricks.

I came across Yuppie Gadgets Telescopic Fork which unlike regular forks extends 35 cm. I was perplexed. What do you do with a fork that extends to such great lengths? I decided to hold a Saturday night focus group. Yes, some wine might have been involved but I think the suggestions for the use of the Telescopic Fork are definite possibilities; some are really not, but make for a good laugh.

What do you think? How many uses can you come up with? Let us know – we might just give you one!

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  • A. Rossouw

    Will use it to braai marshmallows over the fire. Also to make stokbrood without using the stok. It will give you some distance from the heat of the fire.

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