What to wear to hot Bikram yoga

If you’ve been to yo yoga before you’ll know how crucial it is to wear the right gear. Unlike regular yoga the room heated up to temperatures of 40°C or more, so you’ll be sweating out of places you never knew you had, so ideally you’ll want wear as little as possible, or at least something as comfortable as possible.

Fabric is key. Lightweight, dry-weave materials are best as they’re breathable and absorb moisture. Cotton is a no-go. Trust me, that’s the last thing you want in a room over 40°C, especially when you’re sweating like a dog in a Chinese restaurant.

You’ve got it so flaunt it

Initially it might be tough, but try not worry about how you look, or how anyone else looks. That’s not why you’re doing yoga. And believe me; after spending an hour in a room over 40°C when you leave the class, no one looks pretty. So stop stressing about it!

Just bear in mind that long workout pants and baggy tops aren’t all that suitable for many of the poses, never mind the heat. So try wear something more fitted, but the most important thing is that you’re comfortable.

Just don’t make the mistake of wearing a white JT1 top – a girl last week did and she was a little exposed by the end of the class…

Stretchy shorts, hot pants or leggings and a fitted vest, JT1 top (just not white) or cropped cami will do the trick and allow you to focus on your yoga and not your clothes.

There’s no shortage of choice

To make life easier there are loads of yoga clothing ranges to choose from. Most of the major sports clothing brands have brought out yoga lines which are widely available – two of my favorites are the Nike and Adidas yoga ranges.

There are also a number of local brands, and many yoga studios  have a select range of exclusive yogi garments available. If you’re a yo yoga regular, check out their wrack after class next time.

Street style 

Yoga gear is pretty hip and trendy so there is no reason why you shouldn’t still look good while sweating it up.  The main thing is to be comfortable in what you’re wearing and once you step into the studio forget about how you do or don’t look and focus on your practice.

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