Yoga – exercise for your brain

It was a typical blue Monday. Having not been the greatest day, I was less than inspired to hit the gym, never mind my yoga mat.  But challenging myself I managed to not only get through my regular Monday Pilates class, but an hour later found myself flat on my mat at yo yoga.

Within the first few moments of the class, the day that had been was no longer swirling around my brain. Instead I found myself focused, and present, with my sole focus on my practice.

It was incredible to feel a sudden rush of new energy within moments of the class. When I had arrived I felt lifeless, pap if you will, but all of those feelings faded away as I stopped focusing on how tired I was.


Now I’m not one of these hippie, arty farty kind of people. I like science. And I like facts. But it really is a mind over matter thing. It really does work, you just need to practice. Perhaps Einstein was right and that we as humans do only use 10% of our brain, and if we used 100% of our brain we would become pure energy. Maybe that’s how real yogis achieve their heighten states of being? Something to think about…

There’s not an answer for everything

Yoga does seem to stimulate the mind. Well at least in my case. When left the class, I felt recharged, revitalized and overcome with a renewed sense of energy. Despite the odds that had been against me all day.

As a lover of fact over fiction I have come to accept that not everything can be proven and that there is not always distinct science or theory to prove things. Yoga is one of those things. Life is another.

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