Yuppies save the day by putting a lid on it.

So as you might recall I had a bit of a cooking faux pas last week where is mistakenly thought the lid for my new Lock & Lock Round Borosilicate Glass Pot was oven proof, which I unfortunately found out it wasn’t. The hard way.

The next day, once my emotions of losing my latest and greatest kitchen tool had calmed down, I got in touch with the team at Yuppiechef HQ. Impressed doesn’t even began to describe how I felt at the end of the call.

Yuppies save the day. And the lid.

Despite the fact that the supplier doesn’t usually sell the lids separately this didn’t stop the Yuppies “Ag, we’ll send you a new one anyway” was their response. I was blown away. It was my f*** up in the first place but they came to the party and by the next day I had a special delivery waiting for me at my door.

Turn your frown upside down 

Besides going the extra mile, the Yuppiechef team does everything with a smile, and a bit of a giggle. To To prove I’m not just saying that here’s a peak at the card that was sent along with my new lid:

Yuppies save the day. And the lid.

Reunited at least

My beautiful pot is now complete. She has found her lid and I’ll make sure she never goes lonely again.

Beyonce you were right – If you like it you shoulda put a lid on it – and that’s just what the yuppies did.

A huge thanks to Alison and Kaylee and the rest of the Yuppiechef team. Your personal touch, attention to details and incredible lengths you go to to keep your customers happy is inspiring.

Great save Yuppiechef – clearly no ball dropping in your kitchen!

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